Refund Policy

Guaranteed SEO Services Refund Policy

We believe in providing our clients with Guaranteed SEO Services. Many SEO companies do not offer guaranteed services and claim that they have no control over Google, (which is true, SEO companies do not) but the reality is why would you hire a company to provide services for thousands of dollars with no guarantee at all? What if that SEO Company takes your money and does not provide you with any results, and you end up losing your marketing budget?

We are a performance driven company that delivers guaranteed results, or we refund your money. We feel that if we were customers about to hire an SEO Company, we would want some kind of insurance policy before handing over thousands of dollars to someone promising you the world.

How it works

The Primary Period is a six-month trial starting with the live launch of the website on the Internet (if the website is designed by Light ware Media) or, when the site is launched by the client’s web designer and turned over to our team for optimization.

a) If guaranteed SEO rankings (as per agreed contract) are not accomplished within the primary period, the client has the option to request a refund on all monthly fees paid, after the completion of the primary period.

100% Money Back Guarantee, if contract expectations are not met.

b) Alternatively, a request may be made for Abstract Digital World to continue the search engine optimization work with no refund. If opted out from repayment, billing will stop immediately and, as a courtesy to the client Abstract Digital World will provide an additional 3 (three) months of guaranteed SEO services even after the guaranteed results are achieved.